Inside the gifted classroom

How are Gifted Students served at ICSAtlanta?

Elementary Students

    • Students identified as gifted will be served one segment a day via pull out services.

Middle School

    • Students identified as gifted are served through Accelerated (AC) Math in 6th-8th grades.

    • 8th grade gifted students take high school Algebra I and earn a high school math credit (with acceptable completion and passing of the course).

NOTE: Our school-wide IB model utilizes many thinking strategies and project-based learning activities for all students that are also found in the gifted classrooms.

What happens in a Gifted classroom?

Elementary Students

    • Students explore units on various topics with a focus on inquiry, design, and exploration.

    • Example previous units:

      • Art through the Ages

      • Gravity powered cars

      • Creating a business

      • Literature circles with advanced topics and discussion

Middle School

    • Courses move faster and cover 1.5 years of math in one academic school year:

      • 6th grade AC math: covers all of 6th grade math and the first half of 7th grade math

      • 7th grade AC math: covers the second half of 7th grade math and 8th grade math (pre-Algebra)

      • 8th grade AC math: high school Algebra I

Note: Students have more homework and are expected to spend time outside of class practicing concepts and reviewing material.

Gifted Probation

ICSAtlanta has high expectations, both academically and behaviorally, for our gifted students. If a student is not performing as expected, she/he will be placed on gifted probation. During the probation time, the Gifted Coordinator will set up a meeting with the student, the family, and a classroom teacher to review the necessary goals that need to be met (by the student) for her/him to remain in ICSAtlanta's gifted program. If the student is successful in meeting these goals, the probation will be lifted, and the student will remain in the gifted class. If the goals are not met in the defined time period, the student will be removed from the gifted class.

Elementary School

    • Students who do not participate or otherwise engage appropriately in the pull-out gifted class will be put on probation.

    • Gifted class participation is reviewed at each semester.

Middle School

    • Students are expected to maintain an 80% in the accelerated math class each quarter.

    • If a student's grade drops below an 80% for a quarter, she/he will be given a warning of gifted probation which is reviewed at the end of the semester.

      • Students who improve their grade to an 80% or above at the semester report card will NOT be placed on gifted probation.

      • Students who do NOT improve their grade to an 80% or above will be placed on gifted probation for the next semester and possibly moved to on-level math (8th grade students may not be recommended for Geometry in high school).