Gifted testing and qualification

When will a student be tested for Gifted Services?

Students are referred for gifted testing if they appear, through data and/or teacher recommendation, to be significantly advanced in reading, math, thinking skills, observational skills, or creativity. ICSAtlanta's Gifted Review Team (an administrator, a classroom teacher, and the gifted coordinator) will meet to discuss each referred student to determine who will qualify for further testing. 

Students can be referred for testing in 3 ways:

**ALL 3rd grade students will be given the CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) each school year.

Initial Qualification Procedures for Students Entering from the Lower Campus 

At the end of third grade, those students who have scored in the necessary range on their CogAT, have scored two 4s on their Milestones, and/or who have a teacher or parent gifted recommendation will be forwarded to ICSAtlanta's Gifted Review Team to determine their eligibility for further gifted testing. If found eligible, students will receive further gifted testing in the fall of their 4th grade year. Once these test results are received, students found eligible will be served through ICSAtlanta's gifted program beginning on or before the spring semester of their 4th grade year.

how does a student qualify as gifted?

Students can qualify as gifted under Option A or Option B based on the qualification guide at the Georgia Department of Education.

Mental Ability: CogAT test (given to all 3rd graders)

Achievement: Standford Achievement Test

Creativity: Torrence Test of Creative Thinking

Motivation: Motivation Rating Scale completed by classroom teacher(s)